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treatment of hypertension and remedies

By johns robin at 2010-05-06 05:56:40
Hypercet is one of the leading natural supplements for controlling and lowering both the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It is made by one of the most respected natural health products manufacturers in the US and the product itself enjoys an excellent reputation for its effectiveness.There are many causes of blood pressure and sometimes it is the result of another disease. In that case when the root cause is treated the BP returns to its normal position.Commonly the high blood pressure is caused due to faulty style of living, excessive intake intoxicants and smoking. Natural pace of life is destroyed by continuous intake of tea, coffee, refined, and cola drinks.Having high cholesterol which leads to high blood pressure is one of them most dangerous conditions you can suffer from; it is a mystery why more people are not taking it more seriously. People diagnosed with these problems should make some fundamental changes in their lifestyle, if you want to stay alive or avoid the triple bypass.

It is now established that a high sodium intake is significantly associated with a rise in blood pressure. Sodium takes the form of salt in the diet.High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the most common diseases affecting the western world. High blood pressure is usually symptomless whilst slowly damaging the eyes, brain, and kidneys. Many governments have initiated policies to raise public awareness.High blood pressure appears not to have a clear-cut cause. It is more common in people who smoke, drink excessive alcohol, are overweight, and are sedentary.

Hypertension simply means high blood pressure and in Medical terms a blood pressure of 140/90 is considered hypertension; where 140 is the systolic measurement and 90 represents its diastolic measurement. A person with hypertension has no explicit symptoms and that is why more than 30% of Individuals do not eve know they have it, which makes it even more dangerous and considered a Silent Killer.the more blood you have in the body, the harder your heart has to pump to prevent blood from pooling in an area, especially in the cardiac chambers. The very thing that can affect blood volume is salt.High blood pressure is called the silent killer. That is because if often does not have any warning signs. Once you find out that you have hypertension, then it is too late to work on prevention.

Saturated fats, particularly trans fats, are bad for both the heart and blood vessels. Simply because the circulatory system is already under a lot of stress within the setting of higher blood pressure, extra strain Causes High Blood Pressure.Present suggestions from the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of Higher Blood Stress define typical blood tension as systolic stress less than 120 mm Hg and diastolic stress less than 80 mm Hg.In today's fast life hypertension has become a common word. Adults and even children's are affected from hypertension. Simple reason for children's could be stress taken during exams.Stress can be relieved by stress management. Everybody is blessed with some or the other skills, some people are good in painting, some are good in singing, dancing and some good in their colonial hand.

It is interesting to know that more than 80% of people diagnosed with hypertension, the cause is unknown. A lot of factors have been associated with its occurrence, notably age, stress, family history, caffeine, smoking, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, excess salt intake, kidney abnormalities, among others.Hypertension hardly cause any symptom, meaning it may go unnoticed until it has caused complications like stroke, heart failure, arterial aneurysm or renal disease, but severe hypertension can cause symptoms like:head ache, sleeplessness, coma, confusion or virtual disturbance.

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